Keith Ortiz Massage Therapist

Keith Ortiz Massage Therapist DublinKeith Ortiz has practiced bodywork and neuromuscular therapy since 1993 when he founded Tri-Valley Bodyworks.  Determined to be the best in his field, Keith furthered his training by studying advanced techniques in muscle energy, myofascial release, adverse neural tensions and altered neural dynamics at Florida’s prestigious Upledger Institute.

Since then, Keith has treated hundreds of patients and has also taught students this profound art and skill as an instructor of anatomy, physiology and clinical sports massage at Everest College in Hayward, California for nearly six years.  In 2009, Keith received the prestigious “Teacher of the Year” award from over 150 Everest campuses nationwide.

Keith has also instructed classes in Advanced Sports Massage I & II, “Exercise, an Adjunct to Neuromuscular Bodywork” and is the creator of “K.O.R.E. Beyond the Basics Seminars” where he provides continuing education for qualifying graduates of massage therapy training.

Keith has more than 40 years of experience as both a student and teacher in Chinese-style martial arts, ten years in athletic competition in full-contact kick boxing, empty hand and weapons forms competition, track and cross-country distance running.

His most recent course studies involved “Effective Techniques for Total Body Strengthening: The Physiology of Strength Training and Program Design” and “Proper Ergonomics in the Workplace”.

Keith is also a professional dog trainer and handler, and is certified in canine physical therapy.